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I have a possible evp I've been trying to figure out. Several years ago a friend of mine moved into a house which was previously (by that I mean several years prior) by an assisted living company. Never been able to confirm if anyone ever died there.

Anyway, the family moved in and the oldest daughter, who at the time was 10 or 11, began to have nightmares, would be scared to be in her room and would often leave the room and join her parents in bed in the middle of the night. The other children also didn't like being in that room alone. As a group, as I understand it, they were fine, but alone they were either scared or uncomfortable.

I was called up late one afternoon to see if I minded coming by and setting up an audio recorder, take some pictures try to calm everyone's nerves. We took a hundred or so photos through a three night "investigation" which yielded no results. We also recorded about 15 hours of audio which also yielded nothing. On the fourth night I told him just to hit record on the recorder close the door and let it run all night with no one in the room. At the beginning of the recording, the sound of him closing the door can be heard, as well as muffled conversations in the next room. Three minutes in there is a clear, distinctive, "Hi." The next 6 hours are, with the exception of the TV and muffled voices from the family in the other room, silent. The door never opens again until he comes in to turn it off.

I know your site deals in pretty much pictures, but I was wondering if you knew anything about that sort of thing, too.

Russell Vineyard


What you are hearing is an edited and enhanced version of the sound file that Russell sent me.  Many EVPs that I listen to are questionable and could easily be normal background noise -- air conditioners or a car going by in the distance, but this EVP does have a distinct and easily recognizable voice in it that speaks an easily recognizable word.

If it is genuine and there is no trickery involved, it's very interesting.

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