Castello de la Rotta Ghosts

The Story

For over two hundred years The Castle de la Rotta is near Turin was occupied by the Knights Templar and was their home in 1312 when King Philip IV of France decided they were too powerful and must be dealt with. Many of the knights were captured and tortured or burned to death as Heretics.

Three centuries later, hundreds of plague victims were buried under the castle in 1631 and when the French invaded Turin in 1639, thousands of murdered citizens were thrown into the castle's wells.

Obviously, the castle is a prime location for spirits and many have been reported in its cold stone walls for hundreds of years. Among them is the sprit of a 15 year-old girl who leaped from a tower on the day she was to marry the castle's owner. According to legend, her ghost appears every June 15th, the anniversary of her death, and that her ghostly scream shatters the calm of the night. It is also said that a ghostly gathering of spirits descends on the castle on that night for a wedding that never was.

A few of the Rotta ghosts have been captured on camera and, according to the accounts of what happened, they were visible with the naked eye when they were photographed. One of them was even captured by a TV crew as it materialized through a wall.



Analyzing something like the haunting at The Castle de la Rotta is next to impossible when the only photos I have available are grainy and aged, but they make for great stories.


Needs more investigating.

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