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I'm making an attempt to send you a picture I took while working the overnight shift at an airport. You are probably better at editing than I am so if you do post this, please block the plate number.

There appears to be a woman in the cab of the truck, passenger side. I don't know if the time and date stamp will go through but, this was taken on 9/9/08 at 12:47 am.

There was no one in the parking lot or the truck when I took this.

Jennifer Scarborough


As you are no doubt aware at this point, I explain a lot of pictures like this away with a phenomenon called "matrixing" where the human brain unconsciously arranges random elements (such as the grain in a picture) into something recognizable -- mostly faces or human forms because that is what the brain is programmed to look for.

Now, does this definitely explain away all ghost pictures?  Of course not, but it's important to mention matrixing when you look at pictures like this.  If the picture was clear of noise and more sharp, then I think that it would merit special attention, but with the grain it is almost impossible to determine what if anything is in the cab of that truck.

I played around with a brightness and contrasting filter to bring out as many details as possible and, I have to admit, this photo is quite interesting.  Rather than a woman, the figure in the truck looks like a man to me -- looking directly at the photographer with some sense of curiosity.  The features look more or less in scale where you would expect them to be and, at the same time, the figure appears to be semi-transparent.


This is a tough one.  I am intrigued by the photo and what came out of the filters when I examined it, but I am only human and perhaps I am just the victim of matrixing as well.  These photos are very hard to examine, but I would say that there is at least a stronger than usual case that something has been captured on film at the airport.

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