The Bright Ball of Light

The Story

II took these photos with my coolpix digital camera this summer. ( 2010). Myself, my husband, brother in law and a few others were 4 wheeling in the mountains of West Virginia. We ended up in a river bed with the only way out being to cut a log and wench it out of the way. When I took these photos I did not see the ball of light with the naked eye. It was only after viewing the photos did I see the ball of light. The first photo is the one with the 4 wheelers in view. I turned around and took another photo and in this photo the ball of light seems to be moving upwards towards the outside of the photo.

I have enlarged the first photo on my computer and if you look really close it looks like something is inside the ball of light.

My husband and I have been going to West Virginia for over 10 years, staying at my brother in laws cabin in the mountains. During one of these visits my brother in law and myself witnessed 2 balls of light through one of the windows. It was about 3am, I could not sleep, its dark as dark can be, I was lying there looking at the window when I saw 2 balls of light at the window, they were moving in a circular motion, intertwining with each other. I woke my brother in law up and told him to look at the window. We were both rather scared at what we were seeing, wanting to get up to get a closer look but at the same time afraid to do so for fear they would leave. I had my 35mm camera next to my bed, I tried to get some photos but I could not get my camera to work...go figure. The ball of light in these photos looks exactly what we had seen that night.

I can not explain what this ball of light is. It had been raining but when I took these the rain had stopped. If it had been a rain drop I don't believe a rain drop can move upwards. I also have never seen a rain drop be a ball of light.

We were in a pretty hairy situation and were afraid we wouldn't be able to get out of there before dark. We had just driven down the side of a mountain with cliffs so there was no way to get back up it. They ended up cutting a log with a small hatchet and winching the log out.

Let me know if you have any interest in posting these photo, if so please give me credit for them.

Kimberly. D. Barnes


Everyone knows my opinion of orbs so I won't go into great detail, but this is a classic orb -- meaning that it's really nothing at all but a reflection.  In this case, the reflection of the brake light on the ATV has caused the flash to bounce back onto the camera lens creating this very bright and very non-paranormal orb.

If that's not the case, and taking the story into account, drops of water can still fall from the trees a long time after rain has stopped.  Catching an orb in a higher position with a second picture could simply be catching a second drop a little higher in the air.

As for the balls of light you witnessed firsthand, I can't really comment on those definitely, but you will find numerous fireflies in the woods of West Virginia and that could be an explanation.


Just the flash.


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