The Demon

The Story

Joe Martinez says that he was involved in drugs until an image in a picture saved his life.

This picture was taken at his in-law's anniversary and when Martinez and his wife saw the developed picture, they assumed it was a demon - an evil spirit or perhaps even Satan himself.

Today, Martinez claims that he carries the picture with him at all times and that the image caused him to clean up his act and get off of drugs.

The strange image did not appear in any other pictures taken that night and photographic experts and paranormal investigators have not been able to find any fakery involved.



This photo is unusual and chilling to be sure.  It's possible that the "demon" could have been a puppet or some sort of stuffed taxidermist trophy set up as a joke that got out of control, but the chill is still there and the malevolence from this creature is almost palpable.


Needs more investigating.

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The Mists of Mystery
July, 2013
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