The Face in the Cave

The Story

Sent in by Shawn Amador:

Hello. This picture is taken into a cave on the sardines. My girlfriend is from there. She told me about this cave that her relatives found on their land, fifteen years ago, they found the skeleton also as low as a ring in the cave. She told me when archaeologists had done their studies did they then know that it was bone from 3500 BC and in that century as torn malaria therefore added the corpses in the cave. As we stood outside the cave my girlfriend told me about her mother who had been to the cave at an earlier time with her new camera and tried to shoot there, but it strangely did not work, as it did as soon as she had left the cave. Yes, yes, I thought and picked up my camera and took a picture. Later in the evening when I went through the pictures I saw this picture in which a face emerges.




I hate to continue to rain on everyone's proverbial paranormal parade, but I think this is another example of matrixing - the brain finding facial patterns where none exist.  This one, however, has some other things helping with it such as the overexposure of the outside cave walls and the excessive grain on the darkness on the inside.

As you can see with the close-up on the right, when the image is enhanced, the face all but disappears.


Not a ghost.


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July, 2013
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