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Hi Jason my name is Margaret I live in Melbourne Australia well this is what happened November 2009 ,I was cleaning the furniture the phone rang as I was talking and cleaning the same time a face appeared on the tallboy it's a face of a man with mustache so I tried everything to take it of but the more I clean it the more the face come clearer, I always felt something as a little child maybe who ever it is is trying to protect me ,what do you think?




It's nothing unusual to find stories of ghosts that attach themselves to objects such as furniture.  My own aunt, for example, swore up and down that her home was haunted until the day that she removed an old Franklin Stove from her living room, on the event of which the activity suddenly stopped.

Certainly, there does appear to be a face peering back from the wood of the tallboy, but the true question is: what is it?  I'll start with the possibilities.

In the most famous case of faces suddenly appearing, The Faces of Belmez, faces would appear on a concrete floor, move, and even change facial expressions over time.  This was on a floor with no discernable patterns like you would find in wood.  Taking Margaret's story that the face appeared while she was cleaning as gospel, it could point to some sort of supernatural event or just dirty furniture.  Perhaps some badly applied stain?  Who knows.

I would be interested to know if there is any supernatural activity in the home and what the tallboy's history is.  Margaret says that she felt an entity protecting her as a child.  Is it an heirloom from her childhood?  An antique passed down through her family?

What I should point out is that the placement of the face in the knot makes me think that might be a simple pattern in the wood.  I know I would be more convinced if the face was in the grain itself.


Needs more investigating.

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