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Sent in by Sean George:

Hi, I have a couple of photos that may interest you. This is an abandoned farmhouse in my area, which can be seen from a walking path through a small wooded area. I often go walking through this path, taking pictures of plant life and wildlife as I go. On this particular day, as I was passing the famhouse, I felt a strong presence coming from that direction, as if I was being watched or even beckoned to. Its difficult to get to the farmhouse because of the thick brush, but my camera has a powerful zoom, and I was able to get some shots of the building, particularly the windows. When I got home and blew up the pictures, I was quite astonished by what I saw...these pictures have not been altered in any way...take a look for yourself. Do you see faces in the windows?


There are several things that come into play with this picture.

First of all, the picture is taken through a zoom lens and then blown up.  This would cause a drastic loss of resolution and cause all types of photographic artifacts to pop up.  Jpeg blocking and noise being the most prevalent of them, this would cause something as simple as, say, a smudge on the window to become indistinguishable from something paranormal.

The second, of course, is that old foe, matrixing -- our brain looking for familiar patterns in random ones.  It's just the way that brains are hardwired; We are programmed to recognize faces as it is the cornerstone of recognition.  We look for faces even when no one is there!


It's difficult to say from this picture, but my first instinct it that we're not looking at a ghost but rather a smudge on a window.


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