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Sent in by Dillon Stewart:

Attached to this email is some images of what appears to be spirits from the Nottingham Oubliette.

I do not claim that these are for sure ghost images they could just as well be dust. but some of them had unusual forms and figured you might like to see them. sorry for the crappy way of putting them together I used paint to put them all together in one image.

A bottle-necked pit where hated outlaws including Robin Hood were imprisoned and starved or driven to insanity in the Middle Ages has been discovered by archaeologists in the underground caves of the Galleries of Justice Museum in Nottingham.

Known as an oubliette (“to forget” in French), the hole was used as a holding cell for dissenters against the Sheriff of Nottingham, and the city’s favourite wealth-regulating son is believed to have been cast into it after being arrested by the Sheriff and his men at the nearby St Mary’s Church.

“The opening was bricked over centuries ago, probably in the Georgian period,” explained the Museum’s Cathy Rowson, who managed to photograph the pit by standing in the structure and pointing the lens skywards.

“Currently access to the oubliette is by a side tunnel that was knocked through, probably during the original excavations in 1998.”

The team at the Museum are pursuing further funding for a full delve to the bottom of the opening, where they expect to find human remains, a fate Robin Hood was spared thanks to being rescued by his merry men.

Tim Desmond, Chief Executive of the Museum, said the news was “really exciting.” “Robin Hood is built on legend but we want to get to the history,” he confessed, arguing that the site was used by the Sheriff himself.

“The King’s Hall was used by the original Sheriffs of Nottingham,” added Desmond. “We can’t argue with the historical facts.”

Visitors are now being allowed to view the pit and access the caves as part of the museum tour.
Outlaws were left to starve or go mad in the pit.


I believe that Dillon was close to hitting the nail on the head when he postulated that the forms in the mist might be dust.  Since these are underground caves, I would say that it's more than likely moisture that, although invisible to the naked eye in the darkened environment, would capture and reflect a camera flash.

To me, if you're going to find a haunted location, an oubliette would be one of the places you would want to look but in this particular case, I think it's just airborne moisture again.

I'm not sure of the validity of the Robin Hood story, however.  I know that there is some dispute between our perceptions of him and what and who he really was - some even saying that he was never centered in Nottingham while others go so far as to say that Robin Hood never actually existed, so I'm a little surprised they would be making such grandiose claims about him on this tour.  It seems educationally irresponsible to me.


Not a ghost.


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