The Party Crasher

The Story

This is a picture of my mother and sister at my wedding reception party
in the evening there seems to be a little girl standing in between them
and slightly behind them. would be really interested in what you think
please email me back and let me know your thoughts.
many thanks
joanna cusworth


The ghost child is a long-celebrated cornerstone of the paranormal and why not?  We are animals and we are genetically programmed to not only protect our own offspring, but any child we come across.  What could be more sad than a ghost girl that cannot be helped? 

While any picture of a transparent child will instantly raise ghost hunter warning bells, the explanation behind this ghostly party crasher is a little more down to earth.  To me, it appears that this photo was taken in a reception hall with poor lighting with a camera's automatic settings.  Unfortunately, the automatic settings aren't always the best settings and, judging from the overexposed hallways and blurred movements of the mother and sister, it appears that the shutter stayed open just long enough for a little girl to run behind the woman in white carrying what appears to be a balloon or some other sort of shiny décor.  The solidity of the child results from a small moment that she was standing still.


Real life little girl in a darkened room confusing a camera's automatic settings.

Not a ghost.


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