The Sterling City Deer Feeder Ghost

The Story

The story I got about this pic is that a person in Sterling City Texas got this photo from his game camera in early October or late September. He refuses to hunt the lease after dark. What do you all think? I sent the Pic to Snopes to get it checked out.


There's not a lot that Sterling City, nestled next door to nowhere and just a few clicks from from nothing, is famous for.  Windmills and pancakes as big as a car hood.  That's about it.

Except for the ghosts, of course.

Before moving, my childhood was filled with stories from all over the town.  One staple of Sterling City, the Old Landmark, was once featured in USA Today because of the haunting activities inside the old bank turned restaurant turned candle factory turned gift shop.  The road to the graveyard was a precarious place with reports of a man who had died there years before walking out in front of cars on their way to the cemetery.  It was also said that if you looked at his grave past midnight, you would see him standing there drinking a glass of water that his mourning parents left for him.  Elsewhere, there were tales of a lonely woman who would cry as she walked up and down the banks of the Concho River and the Green-Eyed creature that waited at a bridge we called London Bridge.

I credit this sleepy little town and the things that I witnessed there with my interest in the paranormal and so, when genuine photographic proof from my old home town showed up on the internet, I was elated.  The picture was amazing!  No way this was a fake.

Well, it's a fake.  It's a good fake, but it's still a fake and proof positive that technology is not always a ghost hunter's best friend.

The ghostie in this picture -- supposedly taken from an IR camera near a deer feeder -- is actually doctored with an iphone app called "Ghost Capture" which allows people to insert ghosts into any picture they want.  This is from a website called Ghosts Don't Exist which apparently is so sure that ghosts don't exist that they have published an application to flood the internet with bogus ghost pictures hoping to discredit paranormal investigators.  I question the intention, but I can't argue with the results... this picture's been getting a lot of attention and at least one "Ghost Capture" picture has fooled both the Sun and Daily Mail which is amazing considering that picture was an obvious fake.

This picture is well done and, with the deer seemingly looking right at the ghost child, certainly looks like any paranormal investigator's dream, but it is a fake -- pure and simple.


Total fake.


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