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Sent in by Jessica Estabrooks:

I took a picture of my TV by accident one day, and this demon/owl/wolf like figure was in it. I'm surprised I noticed it, but I keep my eye out for things like this since me and my friend have had lots of ghost experiences. and as cliché as it sounds, he woke up the next day and went to send me the pictures, and they were all deleted the next morning. He was scared, disappointed, and confused. anyways, i hope you can help me figure this out. thank you!
p.s. I hope you can see what I see.


There has been a lot of fascinating work into the phenomenon of Instrumental Transcomummication (ITC) which has produced some amazing pictures (if they are to believed).  This phenomenon, similar to electromagnetic voice phenomenon (EVP), allows a camera to capture pictures of spirits on televisions and computer monitors (in theory, at least).  Supposedly, this works best when a video camera is pointed at a television screen that is displaying input from the camera -- meaning that the camera is taking a picture of a screen which is displaying a picture of a screen which is displaying a picture of a screen and so on so that basically, the camera is filming infinity.

It is on this wavelength (again, in theory) that still cameras can take pictures of spirits.  Pictures of spirits have been taken on screens displaying programs and even screens that are powered off.

I keep saying "in theory" because I tried this once and never got any results.

So, if this photo is genuine, it would be a case of ITC and not EVP.


However, I don't believe that this is a case of ITC.  More than likely, what we are seeing is actually something from the television program itself.  It appears that the owl face might actually be part of the light fixture on the wall.


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