Waverly Hills Spirit

The Story

This photo was taken at Waverly Hills. We were standing on a balcony and was taking random photos of the roof top and windows when this pic was taken. We believe as so did the guide that this is the nurse who jumped off the roof. Can you give us your opinion please?

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Funny stuff happens to ordinary things when they are lit by a flash and too close to a camera.  Unfortunately, for us ghost hunters at least, that often means that they assume an "otherworldly" glow that can be misinterpreted as a ghost.  It's almost the exact same phenomenon that gives us "orbs" and "spirit mist."  In cases like this, however, the results can look like floating people in cloaks.

But honestly, I think this is a spider in a web or some sort of flying insect.


Not a ghost, but very gross.

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July, 2013
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