The Eyes in the Apartment

I don't expect you to post this but I know you like ghost stories so here's a pretty good one.

I grew up in a little town called Princeton, Kentucky.  When I was eight, I lived in a house that had previously been the site of a pre-school (I had attended, what a coincidence!) and had been divided into two apartments. The upper apartment included two floors: The top floor was made up of two rooms connected by a short, open hallway. The entire top floor was my room, my bed was in the front and all of my toys were in the part farthest from the steps.

I had always been a little scared in my room, it always kinda felt like I was being watched or someone was there with me. Sometimes at night I remember I could clearly hear someone walking across the floor and, because of that, I always slept with my back to the other room.

One night I had a horrible dream, I cannot remember what the dream was about, but I do know it woke me up. I can clearly remember laying in bed, thinking about the dream. I know I was awake. I had rolled over in my sleep and was facing the back room. As I lay there I started to notice two eyes looking straight at me in the short hallway between rooms. The longer I looked at them, the more I could make out the shape of a very tall person slouched in the hall. It was very still, it didn't blink or move. I laid there, watching it grow more defined and getting more terrified. It said "boo" and I jerked the covers up over my head and waited.

When I looked again, it was becoming fuzzy and indistinct.  It slowly disappeared.  The eyes were the last to go.

I'm sure you're giggling at the "boo."

When I was young, my grandfather's nickname for me was boo-boo, sometimes he called me boo for short. it didn't shout "BOO!" it said it softly.

After this incident I would still occasionally hear the footsteps, but I never saw the entity again.

Aot long after that we moved from the top apartment into the lower one. we were in no rush and my mother let me pack up my things and bring them down at my leisure. On the evening when I finally finished I was rushing, trying to get the last few things before it got dark outside. I packed the final box, carried it down the stairs and left the apartment.  Then I went to go and play with my friends outside. after a while my mom came out in the yard and noticed the light had been left on in my room.  She told me I had to go up and turn it off. I begged her to come with me but she refused (I never told her about what I saw) and told me to go up and turn it off now. I was terrified, I went up slowly, turning on lights as I went, only to get to the top...

...and find the light was already off.

I RAN from the apartment, and never went back.

It's not the scariest ghost story, but it's true.

Sent in by Rye Sho

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