The Cabin in the Woods


First, I have to say I love your site. It's well put together, and I like the comments you give on the pictures. I'm also glad you try to rule anything and everything before admitting it might be a ghost.

My friends and I are Christians, though we believe in the existence of demons, if not ghosts. Last summer we went to camp with our church's youth group (we are high schoolers) in southern California. Onsite, there was a very old, abandoned cabin/house. The paint was peeling, the locks on the doors were way out of date, and looking through the windows it was obvious no one had been inside for a very long time. After the first coupe days of camp, a rumor spread saying that it was haunted. A couple of girls in our church had claimed to see a face with scars watching them from the front window (I highly doubt this, the girls who claimed to have seen it are very unreliable).

My friends and I (there were six of us) went up to take a look through the various windows (there were a couple on each side of the cabin). We noticed some odd things, such as the fact it looked like it had been used recently (there were two bedrooms, one with one bed, the other with two beds. All the beds had sheets, pillows, etc on them), there was a kitchen with a sink, fridge, and oven, also some plates on the counter. The front room (which also looked like it was used a dining room) had a table with two chairs, and a pine cone as a center piece. Lastly, there were quite a few mirrors in each room we could see.

In order to get the cabin, you had to walk up a fairly long pathway of stairs. When we walked back down the stairs, an employee from the camp was walking by. He told us it was haunted, and if we could find a way in, we could poke around a little. Later that day, we decided to do just that. Someone in our group had brought a digital camera, and someone else could pick a lock. When we went to investigate, we had some troubles getting in. The front door was not only locked, but was jammed. Since we couldn't get int hat way, we went around to see if we could get in from the back. We found a window that wasn't locked, so we propped it open with a stick. At first, only two of us went in, one girl and one boy. They took the camera and recorded an EVP as well as a tour of the cabin. After going over the tape, there didn't seem to be anything unusual. The only rooms were the ones we could see from outside. However, there was what looked like a hand print on one window, so we decided to send two different people in. Again, they did an EVP and a tour. This time, the EVP was... interesting. We couldn't understand anything, but there was what sounded like an angry moan or a growl.

The weird stuff started happening when they came out of the cabin. The first person out was the guy, and he was holding the camera, which was still recording, aimed at the girl, who was coming out. When she was halfway out, though, the stick holding up the window fell, causing the window to fall on her. Eventually she got out, and we went to an area with benches to check the footage. There wasn't anything unusual except for the growl, though it could be passed off as simply background noise from outside or something. But when we got to the part when she was climbing out the window, we noticed something. At first, we had thought her arm had just hit the stick, which caused it to fall. On the camera, though, it was obvious her arm was nowhere near it. We went through frame by frame, and found a little white dot dashing across the screen, right over the stick, and seemingly into the house. It could only be seen on three frames. It could have easily been just a speck of dust or a bug, but we were intrigued. We went through the tape frame by frame and found multiple other dots, all of which could only be seen for one to five frames. Of course, the cabin was old, so, again, it's very possible it was dust. When we got the growl we found something very odd. For one frame, the entire screen was bright red. We found a couple other flashes of red throughout the tape, and one flash of white, towards the beginning.

We thought this was weird, so we went back up a final time. We couldn't get the window back open, so we looked for different places to enter through. Before we could find another entrance, someone in our group noticed a couple of dials attached to the house, labeled 'Electricity Monitoring', or something like that. We figured it monitored the electricity being used by the house at any one moment, which is right according to research afterwards. We ignored it at first, but right as the next two were about to go in, I looked at it again. The last dial had moved from the 1 to in between the 2 and 3. This meant that there was electricity being used in an *abandoned* cabin. Right after we noticed that, we all smelled a very strong scent of gasoline. We left then, because we were pretty spooked. As we walked away, we noticed you could only smell the gas if you were right by the house, so it hadn't come from somewhere else in the camp.

I can't provide you with the actual footage, because one the camp counselors had made us delete it. I still hope, though, that you can possibly shed some light on the situation, as we're all still not sure what happened, and are still wondering about it. Thank you!


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